Technique, technical processes, and tools:

Laura stringing beads in preparation for weaving a row

Laura Willits received formal training as a printmaker at the College of Lake County, Illinois, at Southern Illinois University and at Louisiana State University (see Resume ). Since then she has worked out her images in sequins, fabric, and embroidery, traditional womens's "craft" techniques, before settling on bead weaving as a medium suited to her dark and luminescent images.

Many of Laura's ideas start as drawings, watercolors, or monoprints, which she scans into her computer, and then edits the scanned image to create a beadmap, from which she weaves the finished piece.

Tools of her trade: how Laura does it

Capture the original idea
Translate the idea: Computer
Embody the image: Beadweaving

Contact Laura directly for additional information about her processes.

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Laura Willits
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